Montenegro Tourism up 5.3%, Albania Passes 3 Million Visitors


Montenegro has a Stunning Coast, More impressive statistics emerge from the Balkans, where Montenegro reports a strong August performance in the wake of Albania welcoming 3 million visitors.

Countries in the Balkan region continue to post impressive tourism statistics, with Montenegro the latest to report an increase, according to a report on business web-portal on September 30, 2011.

Montenegrin Tourism up 5.3% in August, 7.2% Overall in 2011

According to the report, the tiny former Yugoslav republic with a population of 620,000 recorded 455,185 arrivals in August, an increase of 5.3% on the corresponding period the previous year. Overnight stays were up 12.2% at 3,556,078 nights. The statistics reflect an improved trend throughout the year, which has seen a 7.3% increase in arrivals in the first eight months of 2011 (1,102,639 in all). A small decrease in domestic tourists (2.4%) was outweighed by a strong foreign increase (11.1%).

The report gives an interesting breakdown into the origins of the tourists, with the two largest visitors from Serbia (27.9%) and Russia (20.3%). Bosnia and Herzegovina was next (7.6%), followed by neighbouring Kosovo (3.4%).

The Ministry of Tourism said yearly wage from tourism had tripled in the course of recent years, which it called a superb outcome for the nation.

“Montenegro is happy with what has been accomplished. Income tourism in the course of the most recent year was higher than in 2013,” it noted.

Concerning the structure of overnight remains of outside voyagers, most originated from the customarily inviting countries of Russia and Serbia. Guests from those two nations made up 60 for each penny of aggregate overnight remains.

Most voyagers went by the water-front range over the mid year months. Montenegro’s less touristy northern and focal areas were gone by just around 2 for each penny of enrolled sightseers.

Montenegro Most Popular with Serbians and Russians

Until recently joined to Serbia as a unified country, Serbia and Montenegro, the popularity of Montenegro’s coast to Serbs can be explained by traditional ties, common language, ease or access and a common Orthodox religion, while the strong Russian interest reflects the massive financial investment made in Montenegro in recent years before the global crisis, as well as a picturesque Orthodox resort country on the Adriatic with no visa complications for Russian visitors.

Crossing the Border from Montenegro to Albania Albania Tourism More Popular Than Montenegro, Says Google Search Croatian Tourism Enjoys a Bumper June: Up 20% on Previous Year While Montenegro’s tourism is best known for its stunning coastal walled towns and resorts, such as Budva, Kotor and Sveti Stefan, it also has an emerging adventure tourism offer inland in the mountains. It is perhaps therefore somewhat surprising that tourist overnight stays were so overwhelmingly coastal (98.8%), as opposed to 0.7% in the mountain areas, and just 0.2% in the capital, Podgorica.

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Albania Passes 3,000,000 Arrivals in 2011

The encouraging statistics were released soon after its southern neighbor, Albania – a rising star of Balkan tourism, with its 350km of virtually untouched sandy coastline – posted even more impressive numbers in the year it had been tipped as Lonely Planet’s Top Destination. In a press conference on September 1, Minister of Tourism Aldo Bumci announced that more than 3,000,000 tourists had visited the country in the first eight months of 2011.

In a press conference, the minister elaborated on this figure, stating that 2,120,000 had been foreign visitors, while some 870,000 were Albanians living abroad. In addition to the Lonely Planet factor, Bumci attributed the 16% annual increase on improved infrastructure and quality of service.

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