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Basusta Unal, after graduating from the Air Force Academy, served four years as the radar controller of the Turkish Air Force. Latina in Atlanta, “Atlanta Jr. College” I took the P license and finished Air Maintenance Technology degree. He received a private pilot license in the same period. In 1973, Delta Airlines entered. Until he retired in flight Technical Line 2001 and served as an instructor,

busiest airports in the world in Atlanta, worked at Istanbul Airport in Chicago and Los Angeles. √únal Basusta DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, MD-88, MD-11, B-727, B-737, B-757, B-767 and L-1011 type has experience and a degree types Aircraft. It also has licensed avionics of this type. The last 15 years, where he occupied urgent and specialized electronics solve chronic problems. He trained in this area. Delta Airlines flies to the domestic point and was working in a foreign authorized temporary care emergency in many countries.