A Guide to Bangkok Nightlife

If we are totally honest, Bangkok, or the City of Angels (Kreung Thep) is known the world over for its vibrant nightlife and many singles come for female companionship for the duration of their holiday, and why not indeed? Couples also visit for the nightlife, with exclusive parties in Bangkok that are open 24/7 and with that in mind, here is our short guide to Bangkok nightlife.

Go-Go Bars

There are two main locations for go-go bars in Bangkok; namely Sukhumvit Soi 23, also known as Soi Cowboy. This is a narrow street with neon lights and go-go bars that gets going around 7 pm until the early hours. This sexy street was born in the 1960s when US soldiers has their R&R in Bangkok and it has a long and colourful history. The other red-light spot is Nana Entertainment Plaza, a couple of stops on the BTS from Soi Cowboy, while there are Thai entertainment venues if you go looking. Ask any taxi driver, they know all the clubs and you can dance the night away!

Exclusive Member Clubs

Private and very high class, here you will meet the Bangkok hi-so crowd who sure know how to party. As you would expect, for a few notes, non-members can enjoy the ambience and they play music until the early hours.

Luxury Resorts

Book a few nights at one of the luxury pool access suites in Bangkok and enjoy the millionaire lifestyle, with champagne around the pool. You can ask reception about the local nightlife, plus they would have exclusive in-house entertainment for their guests; you can book a taxi to take you to your chosen nightclub or bar and sneak back as dawn arrives.

Massage Parlours

These are set up for Thai men and are sometimes called ‘happy ending’ sauna and massage; people mistakenly think that prostitution was an import from the West, when there has always been this type of establishment in Thailand. They are known by expats as the ‘goldfish bowl’ as the girls sit behind a huge glass window with numbers on their shirts. These are not to be confused with traditional Thai massage venues, in Thai, “Rah Op Nuat” refers to a happy ending establishment, so do be careful.

Music Clubs & Discos

Places such as Huay Kwang host many exclusive clubs and discotheques, where you can crack open a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label and enjoy the wild ambience. Staying in Central Bangkok is advised if you plan to crawl the clubs; taxis run 24/7 and you only have to show the driver a card and he will know where to go.

The nightlife in Bangkok is something else and many tourists come for the exciting after-hours partying.