In side Colombia Like No Other

If you see in Colombia, chances are the first city you visit is Bogota. No matter how long your stay, there are places and experiences you can’t miss in the Colombian capital. To help you make your choice, here are our ideas for visits to Bogota. There is something for everyone, from the most classic visits to discoveries closer to the locals.

Take note of some ideas and find inspiration for your next stay in the Colombian capital, but above all, above all, take the Heroes Tour from the start of your trip. You will also need to know Where to stay in Bogota.

  • Heroes Tour is a great guided tour and one that we really, really, really recommend you do right from the start of your stay in Colombia. Why? Because it is a visit that takes the pretext of discovering the Candelaria district in Bogota to tell you about the history of Colombia , the armed conflict, the scourge Escobar and the real forgotten heroes of Colombia.
  • It is an exciting visit that we discovered during our trip in 2018 and that we really recommend. You will pass in front of the emblematic monuments of Bogota but also in front of less known places, to finish with an introduction to the Tejo and a fruit tasting in the end.

We tell you more about it in our article dedicated to the Heroes Tour, but you can go there with your eyes closed, it is certainly THE best guided tour of Bogota that exists and the advantage is that it is available.

La Candelaria, historic district of Bogota

It is the main attraction of Bogota, THE tourist district par excellence, but which from our point of view does not usurp its reputation. Take time to visit and get lost in this historic and colonial area of Bogota. Its rather well-preserved colorful houses and walls adorned with Street art works will surprise you.

Visiting Candelaria is a must during a trip to Bogota, especially since it is in this district that there are other sites of interest such as Plaza Bolivar, the gold museums and that of Botero, Monserrate, etc. Do not hesitate to enter the churches that you will find on the way, you will have beautiful surprises such as the Church of San Francisco, or Nuestra Señora del Carmen, a small Gothic style church to see absolutely.

Heart Stroke

The sunset from above is an incredible spectacle that should not be missed, we tell you about it in our article dedicated to Monserrate. For having lived it, we can only recommend you to live this unique experience in Bogota. This is clearly part of our bogotanos favorites.

Bogota is a city surrounded by mountains, the most famous of which is certainly the Monserrate. From a height of 3,152 meters, the view of Bogota is spectacular. At the top you will find the basilica of Señor Monserrate, symbol of the city of Bogota, built following the earthquake in 1925. Up there, there are some souvenir shops and some restaurants with panoramic views.