Seal Swimming at Montague Island: The Destination

Montague Island is a beautiful nature reserve. A nature reserve allows little to no development and is a safe home for animals. Montague Island is home to hundreds of seals, making it a huge attraction to seal admirers.

Where Is Montague Island?

Montague Island is located offshore from the South Coast region of New South Wales in the Tasman Sea. Just off the coast of Narooma, visitors love to experience all the delightful animals that call this island home.

The island can only be accessed by commercial boat, and even commercial boats must have a contract to dock. Overnight accommodations may be made with a guided tour. What if you have a private boat and want to sail to the island? You will be rejected as there is no private dock accessibility. This helps keep the island a reserve and safe for the animals.

How Will I Be Able to Get There?

Visitors now can experience the wonders of Montague Island, known as Barunguba by the Yuin peoples. Have you ever wanted to swim with a seal? Guided tours offer this amazing experience. You will board a comfortable boat and ship off about eight kilometres to the island. On the way, you may even see a whale or dolphin! It is also not unheard of to see manta rays, acres of pelagic fish, and basking sunfish. The entire journey is a delight.

What Is the Tour Like?

The island is home to New Zealand and Australian fur seal colonies. A certified guide will jump in the water with you and help you interact with the curious seals. Seals love to play! Tourists often bring underwater cameras to take unforgettable pictures.

Guides ensure the safety of visitors as well as the seals. A group swim is typically smaller in numbers, so it is important to make reservations ahead of time. Do you have a large family or group of friends traveling with you? With a small number of spots in each group, making reservations guarantees that you can swim together. Seal swimming in Narooma is an adventure for the entire family.

Seal Swimming Is the Ultimate Experience

When you swim with seals, you are immersed in nature. It is important to respect their homes and guides will encourage you not to touch seals or damage the reef system. Protecting the seals and their homes allows future generations to experience their beauty. The island is home to thousands of bird species and wildlife. On the ground and in the water, you will be absorbed with nature and its wonders.