The Educational Benefits Of Learning Outside The School Walls.

Many British kids grow tired of their parents and grandparents always telling them stories of when they were young and if they were given any opportunity to play outside that they would take it and stay outside for a long as they could. Unlike many stories told by parents and grandparents all across the United Kingdom, this particular aspect of growing up was essentially true and kids back then spent a lot more time outside in the sunshine and they learnt a lot more.

Modern British children however live a completely different life where overprotective parents don’t want to let them go outside alone at all and where they buy them all of the latest digital devices that will act as a constant distraction. It is well documented that better learning takes place outside the school walls as well and going on things like Expedition tours really does help to expand British children’s horizons which leads to better educational outcomes. If you’re still a little bit reluctant to accept that education can take place outside the school walls then maybe the following can help to convince you.

  1. Overall performance goes up – When students get to enjoy student tours UK, it has been found that testing scores actually increase after children have been immersed in a life outside the actual school itself. Many children report been a lot more confident with regards to their learning and their critical thinking skills and problem solving skills increase again as a direct result. As a parent, this should be excellent news that is reaching your ears and so you should be signing your kids up for any school tours that are offered.
  2. Student development goes up – All of the students get to travel in a group and so this helps to teach them essential life skills about working together and staying together. In the school environment, British kids are greatly restricted in their movements and what they can say and do in the overall school environment. All of this restriction is removed when they get to go on student tours across the United Kingdom and this helps greatly with their overall development.

It is true to say that exceptional learning takes place within classrooms all across the United Kingdom in British schools the length and breadth of the country. The thing to remember however is that there is a lot more learning that can take place outside and so this is why school tours and expeditions have become incredibly popular over the last number of years.