The Merlion Symbol-The Pride of Singapore

The half-fish and half-lion shaped iconic Merlion symbol are synonymous with Singapore’s humble beginning as a fishing hamlet when it was coined as Temasek. The head of the symbol represents the original name of the Singapore-Singapura or ‘lion city’ as referred to in Malay. Presently, you can witness the legendary Merlion Symbol at the Merlion Park, spouting water from its mouth.

This iconic statue is a must-see for tourists planning to take Delhi to Singapore flights and are dreaming of visiting the island-city.

The Merlion Statue: The CraftsmanBehindthe Symbol

The statue was crafted by a local artisan named Lim Nang Sen and was unveiled back in 15th September in 1972 by the then Prime Minister-lee Kuan Yew right at the mouth of Singapore River, to give a warm welcome to all the visitors.

The History Behind Relocation of the Statue

Upon the completion of the Esplanade Bridge back in 1997, the Merlion statue could longer be seen clearly from the waterfront. Hence, in 2002, the Merlion was relocated some 120 metres from its original spot to where it stands erect today in Merlion Park, right in front of the famous Fullerton Hotel and overlooking the famous Marina Bay.

The Merlion Park

The touristy spot-Merlion Park, which is a must a visit if you have started checking flights from Delhi to Singapore for your next vacation in Singapore, is also home to a smaller Merlion statue. Coined as the ‘Merlion cub’, the smaller statue is 2 meters and weight around 3 tonnes. The main statue and its cub are the most sought-after among the approved seven Merlion statues in the island-city.

The Story Behind Merlion

The Merlion statue has come to known as the mascot of Singapore and while there are several stories behind how Singapore got its name and from where the symbol originated, the most popular tale is still written and told to tourists. When Sang NilaUtama, Palembang prince reached this island, he was said to have come across a mysterious looking beast with his orange body, white neck breast, and a blackhead. The prince believed it to be a lion and took it as a good omen and thus remained on the island to develop a city.

The Prince named Temasek (the initial name of the city) to Singapura (Singa in Malay translates to Lion and the word was borrowed from Sanskrit and Pura meaning City). Thus, Singapore came to be known as the ‘Lion City’. The prince reigned over the city for 48 years.

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What the Statue Symbolizes?

The lion head and fish body statue resting on the Merlion Bay is now the proud logo of Singapore. The lion head is associated with Singapore’s rediscovery, while the Fish represents the city’s origination as a fishing village when it was termed as Temasek. The statue further represents excellence, strength, courage, and resilience to battle challenges. The tenacious mane of the statue is known to represent the nation’s zeal to rise against oddities and overcome all the hurdles.

The Merlion symbol shall always remain to be Singapore’s pride and deserves a visit if you are taking flights from Mumbai to Singapore to spend your vacation at the island city.