The Top 5 Holiday Beach Destinations in Thailand

If you are a beach lover, Thailand has some amazing holiday destinations to choose from, ranging from the eastern seaboard with Rayong and Bang Saen, then south of Bangkok offers many pristine coastal spots that run all the way down to the Malaysian border. There are literally too many places to mention, however, in order to make your choices a little easier, we have compiled our top 5 beach resort venues in Thailand, in no particular order.

  1. Hua Hin – This resort town sits about 3 hours’ drive south of Bangkok and was Rama XI’s favourite place, where he had a huge palace. Hua Hin is a favourite for Europeans and Scandinavians who are escaping the harsh winter, and there are hotels to suit every budget, plus all the amenities you would expect from a premier resort town.
  2. Phuket – This sleepy town sits on the idyllic Andaman Sea and with nice weather all year round and five-star accommodation, it is easy to see why Phuket tops the list for foreign beach lovers. A short hop from Phuket, is the island of Phi Phi, where they filmed The Beach, and if you search online for a luxury Phi Phi resort bungalow, you will not be disappointed.
  3. Krabi – A quiet fishing town on the Andaman Sea, Krabi has long captured the hearts of all who visit, with stunning beaches, fantastic restaurants and a great laid-back atmosphere that can only be found in the south of Thailand.
  4. Koh Samui – Samui Island is part of Surathani Province and it can be reached by ferry from the port of Don Sak. This is a premier holiday destination with 5-star resorts and luxury spas and if you are into budget travel, you can still rent a hut on the beach for a few dollars a night.
  5. Koh Chang – Very much family oriented and one of the most beautiful of the many Thai islands, Chang got its name from the shape of an elephant, which in Thai is ‘chang’, and you and your family can have a fantastic time at one of the top family-friendly resorts, and you can make an online booking.

Rather than simply turning up, you should carry out some online research into the many coastal resorts in Thailand, as this can be the difference between a dull and a fantastic holiday. Choose a resort where everything is at hand and the package is all-inclusive, and if you plan on going over Xmas and the New Year, this is high season, so book early and expect to pay top prices.